Products made with Tuscan Goji

Gluten free No preservatives No added sugar Yeast free Lactose free Alcohol free No GMOs

Organic fruit juices made from Tuscan goji berry are an excellent way to achieve wellness in just a few sips. Our proposal consists of classic flavors as well as innovative and tasty recipes. Our clients have told us how these organic juices are ideal on many occasions: from breakfast to the mid-morning break, from snack time to a new twist on an old aperitif. And there are those who drink them before a meal for their ability to facilitate the assimilation of nutrients.

  • Refreshing and mineralizing. Red beet claims these fantastic properties, present in our organic juice, properties that harmonize with our Tuscan goji berry. This product, thanks to the abundance of saponins and mineral salts, is recommended for weak children, convalescents and anemics.

    Red beet is also rich in anthocyanins, a strong anti-oxidant, beneficial to coronary microcirculation and the heart. Betanin, on the other hand, is a substance that helps to fight depression and, together with tryptophanes, stimulates the brain to produce serotonin, which gives a sensation of general wellness and tranquility.
    Drinking organic red beet and Tuscan goji juice everyday lowers blood pressure and facilitates the drainage of blood. The juice has diuretic properties and boasts digestive benefits as well.

  • In addition to counteracting cell ageing, with this organic juice one can get carotenes and the vitamins in carrots. In particular, beta carotene is fundamental for the growth of tissues and for their repair, a substance that plays a central role in the protection of the mucous membranes, reducing the risk of infection. This juice is a cure-all in preventing eye disease and, combined with carrots and our Tuscan goji berry, is a drink that offers fantastic anti-oxidant properties, precious for the reinforcement of the immune system. Furthermore, the fiber helps the organism to free itself of excess Ldl cholesterol.

  • Two strong anti-oxidants like blueberry and our Tuscan goji berry have been mixed in this organic juice. Blackberries contain vitamin B9, tannins, anthocyanines and oxalic acid. Combining the curative properties of blueberry with the neutraceutical properties of our Tuscan goji, we have produced a juice which, enjoyed daily, improves the microcirculation of blood vessels as it reinforces connective tissue, by combining an anti-hemorrhagic action with against free radicals in the body.

  • A high-quality organic pear juice, prepared as it used to be. Fresh fruit transformed, immediately after picking, in an organic juice that captures the nutritional benefits of the pear combined with the benefits of our Tuscan goji.
    And so a pleasing organic juice, rich in potassium, which favors the digestive process and recommended in low-salt diets, is born.

  • Tonic, cleansing and delicious! A classic recipe made by choosing the best organic peaches of the Val di Chiana, a land suited to this crop. From this fruit, picked only when mature, our organic peach and Tuscan goji juice has been created.

    The diuretic properties of the peach are known and our juice is an excellent mineral salt supplement. A true restorative, recommended for those with digestive problems and disturbances with blood circulation.

    All of our products have the following characteristics:

    Gluten free
    No preservatives
    No added sugar
    Yeast free
    Lactose free
    Alcohol free
    No GMOs

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