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Health Juices

Products made with Tuscan Goji


Gluten free   No preservatives   No added sugar    Yeast free   Lactose free   Alcohol free   No GMOs



Our Health Juices are a practical way to assume the correct amount of antioxidants required by our organism every day.  Our packages list a graduated scale to follow which informs the consumer of the correct recommended daily allowance of juice.

Organic Tuscan Goji berry Juice.

We use the best organic goji berries, cultivated with bio-dynamic techniques in the Val di Chianna (Arezzo).  These berries are then processed by artisans.  Pure goji berry juice is a just this:  a concentration of antioxidants, polysaccharides and mineral salts.

Organic Tuscan Goji berry, Sea Buckthorn and Blueberry

Sea buckthorn has high levels of Vitamin C, superior to citrus and kiwis, therefore can be used to reinforce the organism before the winter season or to get back on track when one feels weak.  Let’s not forget that our Tuscan goji berry is rich in Vitamin C.
In addition, sea buckthorn is an antiseptic and natural wound healer:  relieves inflammation of the mouth, gums gastric ulcers and other infection of the digestive tract.  Our GOM juice, that accompanies our organic Tuscan goji berry, sea buckthorn and blueberry soothes colds and fever because it is a immune-stimulatory and immune-modulatory product.

Organic Tuscan Goji berry Juice, Rowanberry and Blueberry

 With the combined action of rowanberry, organic Tuscan goji berries and blueberry, we have produced a drink that lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.  A double helpful effect to stave off the insurgence of arteriosclerosis while improving blood circulation.
Rowanberry is rich in polyphenols, flavonoids and,above all, anthocyanins.  It is because of this that rowanberry is one of the strongest anti-aging products that exists in nature.  It also contains Vitamin K, a precious substance that helps with blood coagulation and prevents the calcification of the arteries.  These are some of the many good reasons to drink our GAM juice!

All of our products have the following characteristics:

  • Gluten Free
  • No added sugars
  • No yeast
  • Lactose free
  • Alcohol free
  • No GMOs

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In the Val di Chiana, we have selected and planted  8,200 Lycium Barbarum plants. We are among the principal European producers of Goji berry.  We are in the process of converting to Demeter and, with these techniques that respect the environment, we obtain products with unique characteristics.


Our land is in Val di Chiana (Arezzo).  It is here, in Tuscany, that the Goji berry has found its ideal environment in which to flourish.  We transform our organic Tuscan Goji berry into compotes, jams, and juices following artisan processes and use fruit and vegetables predominately from our region.


Our Tuscan Goji berry, a product of bio-dynamic farming, has demonstrated on average a 15-20% higher content of zeaxantina dipalmitato with respect to the best fruits in distribution.  Zeaxantina is the principal antioxidant in Goji berries, easily assimilated by our organism.


In 2015, we had our first, true harvest of Goji berries.  Our production of Tuscan Goji berry will increase over the years to about 100 tons of the fresh product.  We hope to reach this productive capacity in 2019.  The Goji berry falls into the category of supplements with antioxidant properties


Goji berry, an ally to our health

The nutritional value of Tuscan Goji berry is included in the so-called super fruit, true allies of our health.  They combat cell aging thanks to their high vitamin content, minerals, fibers, enzymes, antioxidants and fito-nutrients.


We are in the process of converting to Demeter

Our  cultivation of Tuscan goji berry in the Val di Chiana (Arezzo) is organically certified  and we are in the process of converting to Demeter.  Our company has launched important research projects with Italian universities which have verified the properties of our Tuscan Goji berry.


But open to the whole world

Bio Fattorie Toscane is an all Italian capital company, founded on a project of production, processing and valorization of the Tuscan Goji berry.   But our doors are open to the world and our products are valued and sought after even abroad.