The company

The company

We have followed our heart, but we have used our heads.  We were moved, pushed by passion, but only after careful studies.  Therefore, it is not by chance that we have found in the Val di Chiana (Arezzo), the ideal environment in which to cultivate goji berries.  Behind this innovative project of organic Tuscan goji berries there is a lot of work by valid professionals who have closely followed a route to develop the territory, to innovate agriculture.
These professionals have formed Bio Fattorie Toscane, a wholly Italian-capitalized company, founded in 2013 on a project of production, transformation and development of the organic Tuscan goji berry.  At the base of everything is an intuition:  the idea of cultivating Lycium barbarum in the Val di Chiana following biodynamic techniques.
It seems rather easy but, in reality, the journey has been quite articulated.  Everything, however, has been favored by the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial ambition of the partners of Bio Fattorie Toscane, all professionals with many years experience in different sectors of the workplace, but determined to build something great in their own territory by demonstrating how good ideas can be brought forth and made into reality, even in Italy, if one is ready to make sacrifices and dedicate time.

All of this started with a creative intuition:  to cultivate goji in Tuscany.  Before doing so, a careful study phase took place which brought about the identification of the Tuscan goji berry, the goji plant  most suitable to be farmed in the microclimate of the Val di Chiana.  This was the first step to go from an idea to a company.  The potentiality of the Tuscan Goji berry has been accredited by university studies and this has further substantiated the initial intuition of the partners of Bio Fattorie Toscane.  The Company was, hence, founded, with the knowledge that the Tuscan goji berry is innovative with respect to the Chinese goji berry, not only for the nutraceutic quality and  the biodynamic farming techniques used, but also because the Tuscan Goji berry encompasses in itself an extraordinary territory like Italy and, in particular, Tuscany.  In the first 18 months, the company has dedicated itself to a meticulous work, conducted with professionalism and enthusiasm through research and experimentation.  The positive results have driven the company to continue its course and today Bio Fattorie Toscane, with its 8,200 selected plants, is among the principal producers of Goji in Europe.
Innovation but also tradition and an intimate bond with the territory.  Tuscan Goji is transformed following local recipes, rediscovering ancient flavors and it is thanks to this union that Bio Fattorie Toscane is able to bring to the market new and unique products.







Bio Fattorie artisanally transforms primarily Tuscan organic seasonal fruits and vegetables by combining them with the Tuscan goji berry, obtaining juices, tonics, jams and compotes.
The range of Bio Fattorie Toscane products, which you can discover by visiting our internet site, has been divided into a Wellness Line and a Health Line.  The Wellness Line favors taste and is based on traditional Tuscan recipes.  The products of the Health Line are natural dietary supplements, to be taken according to the recommended daily allowance indicated on the package, and promote the neutraceutic properties of the goji berries.

The strong conviction of organic farming and then the decision to join the Demeter conversion clearly indicates the vision of the company, characterized by health, with respect for the environment and others.  Feeling good while eating is the basis of a correct lifestyle:  cleansing the organism by assuming healthy products, strengthening it thanks to the intake of antioxidants  and other nutrients; it is through these actions that one can stay healthy and live a more wholesome life without weighing down of the National health system.











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In the Val di Chiana, we have selected and planted  8,200 Lycium Barbarum plants. We are among the principal European producers of Goji berry.  We are in the process of converting to Demeter and, with these techniques that respect the environment, we obtain products with unique characteristics.


Our land is in Val di Chiana (Arezzo).  It is here, in Tuscany, that the Goji berry has found its ideal environment in which to flourish.  We transform our organic Tuscan Goji berry into compotes, jams, and juices following artisan processes and use fruit and vegetables predominately from our region.


Our Tuscan Goji berry, a product of bio-dynamic farming, has demonstrated on average a 15-20% higher content of zeaxantina dipalmitato with respect to the best fruits in distribution.  Zeaxantina is the principal antioxidant in Goji berries, easily assimilated by our organism.


In 2015, we had our first, true harvest of Goji berries.  Our production of Tuscan Goji berry will increase over the years to about 100 tons of the fresh product.  We hope to reach this productive capacity in 2019.  The Goji berry falls into the category of supplements with antioxidant properties


Goji berry, an ally to our health

The nutritional value of Tuscan Goji berry is included in the so-called super fruit, true allies of our health.  They combat cell aging thanks to their high vitamin content, minerals, fibers, enzymes, antioxidants and fito-nutrients.


We are in the process of converting to Demeter

Our  cultivation of Tuscan goji berry in the Val di Chiana (Arezzo) is organically certified  and we are in the process of converting to Demeter.  Our company has launched important research projects with Italian universities which have verified the properties of our Tuscan Goji berry.


But open to the whole world

Bio Fattorie Toscane is an all Italian capital company, founded on a project of production, processing and valorization of the Tuscan Goji berry.   But our doors are open to the world and our products are valued and sought after even abroad.